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JenniferSando.com Is Revamped

Jennifer’s website has been redesigned to accommodate her creative writing direction, as well as her photography work. A list of her photography publication credits for print and online can now be viewed here.…


Picture In A Frame On Amazon

Picture In A Frame is now available to purchase from the Amazon website. Click here to go to the book’s listing.…


Notes From A Wingman

In anticipation of Pearl Jam appearing at Big Day Out 2014, Jennifer’s sister Sophie, who was also present at the portrait session with Eddie Vedder, provides a raw account from her perspective. So I figure the best way to…

The Sky I Scrape - Picture In A Frame

The Sky I Scrape – Picture In A Frame Review

The book simultaneously tells the story of a journey and pays homage to Eddie and those that love him. It does so beautifully, with photographs stitched together with minimal narration by Jennifer. In the end, that’s all that’s needed.…

Donnie Roberts

Say Cheese! Picture In A Frame Review

On the surface, the story seems simple. An idea is born, a method is established and a goal is met. On another level, in addition to the book producing a portrait of Eddie Vedder, the story also forms a…


Come To The Porch – Picture In A Frame Review

You close the book feeling reminded of why you love Eddie and Pearl Jam in the first place. It’s all about the people they are, the music they create, and the community we’ve all helped build. Read the full…

Dean Mayes reviews Picture In A Frame

Dean From Australia – Picture In A Frame Review

Of all the gorgeous projects that I’ve kicked in for via Kickstarter, “I Want To Take A Portrait Of Eddie Vedder” is perhaps one of more quirky but certainly one of the most endearing and fist pumpingly inspiring projects…

Article in The Advertiser regarding Jennifer Sando's Eddie Vedder project - January 10th, 2013

The Advertiser

The Eddie Vedder project is featured in The Advertiser – January 10th, 2013…